Epic Leadership Lessons from Super Bowl 50

February 25, 2016

Football season is over and while the Super Bowl ‘game’ itself was less than a tantalizing experience, the post-game experience for me was EPIC. Why? Because I coach young Quarterbacks and young Quarterbacks look up to NFL players like Peyton Manning and Cam Newton. There were lessons to be learned watching these Quarterbacks before, during and particularly after the game. Young aspiring Quarterbacks not only try to model the game time mechanics but more importantly they model the behaviors of popular College and NFL QBs. They watch their body language on the field and on the sidelines and they watch them perform in pre-game and post-game interviews. As a former High School football coach I can tell you in no uncertain terms, far too many young athletes don’t have a strong influence at home who can help them interpret and digest what they see from their idols on television.


There is no doubt that Cam Newton is an incredibly talented athlete who has and will continue to have a huge impact on the game of football. Like it or not, that impact gives him a HUGE ‘platform’ to stand on which allows him to impact young lives. The question is, will this impact be positive or a negative?


I got home after the