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About Coach Eric Smith

Coach Smith - Committed To Your Success

Quarterback Coach in North Carolina
Quarterback Coach, Leadership Coach
Ph 919.414.1774

Welcome to Winning Edge! – Where Quarterbacks come to find serious training and skill development content, advice, insights and resources for improving their game and developing their leadership skills so that they can reach their fullest potential both on the field and in life.

As a Former Division-1 Quarterback at Bowling Green, I am passionate about teaching and mentoring today’s Quarterback.  This site is designed as the singular website you’ll need to visit for Quarterback Training content designed to help you reach your goals.  Click to check out the QB Academy page, or watch this VIDEO to learn how you could benefit!  Once you see the value for yourself – you’re invited to sign up for EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to everything you need to know about developing yourself as a complete quarterback!

I can't wait to be a part of your journey!

Yours in Success -

Coach Smith

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Some of Coach Smith’s coaching points and knowledge over the last few years have aided me in elevating my game to the college level. I recommend Coach Smith to any athlete who is trying to advance their game and become an overall better football player.

Brock Barr, Boise State University

Proven Model For Success

Do you want to know the SECRET to becoming elite?  First, let me tell you my story –

As a early teenager in the early 1980’s I knew I was a good athlete.  Football soon became my favorite sport.  From the early days of backyard football I was always the Quarterback when I started organized football in the 8th grade it was natural for me to play the quarterback position.  It was my sophomore year that I became passionate about it.  Although I went to some college football camps during those years there just wasn’t the depth of information available on proper quarterback mechanics and techniques that exists today.  Never the less, my size and natural abilities were good enough to get me recognized and to gain a scholarship to Division-1 Bowling Green State University where I played for 5 years.

The first couple years were tough!  I battled an arm injury that prevented me from being able to throw well.  In time, with perseverance and hard work I was able to work myself onto the field and have success.  My experience taught me so many impactful life lessons.  Quite honestly, it changed the course of my life.  Football in general is a great game for teaching valuable life lessons helping young men transcend into being a man of honor.  In short, football is a great ‘incubator’ for teaching life lessons.  Being a Quarterback, however, can magnify this process even more because it requires that a young athlete move beyond normal athletic development into becoming a ‘total person of character’ whom others are willing to follow.  To be an effective quarterback you have to become an effective leader…and that begins with earning TRUST through having character and connecting with people!  (see figure 1)

Quarterback Leadership

I’ve spent most of my adult life acquiring the knowledge and experience necessary to develop today’s Quarterback.  I have developed a proven system for developing Quarterbacks from the ground up and I can help anyone (who is willing to commit and work hard) make great strides toward accomplishing their goal. I’m excited about working with you!

Here is the SECRET...

how to be a quarterback

It’s called ‘MODELING‘ – Understand that ‘natural’ talent will take an athlete so far but without following a proven ‘model’ of success they will hit a ceiling and fail to progress.  In order to take the lid off the ceiling and reach a high level of success you have to follow a proven model or method.  Additionally you have to do what comes ‘unnaturally‘ in order to break through.  It’s called going from ‘Entrepreneurial’ to ‘Purposeful’.    This is were proper coaching comes in.  Successful people in life understand this and don’t try to go it alone.  Why?  Because… No One Succeeds Alone

If you’re excited about starting your journey and you’re honestly committed to putting in the work required, then I’m excited to help you!

Simply put, my mission is to give aspiring Quarterbacks the proper foundation of Mechanics, Physical & Mental Skills and Leadership Attributes so that they have an opportunity to succeed at the highest level in football and ultimately in LIFE!

Eric Smith knows football and the details of Quarterback and Receiver play that would help any player improve his skills and get the most out of his God-given talent. I never coached a player that worked harder on and off the field than Eric Smith. From the weight room to the film room to the practice and game fields, Eric was all about improving and being the best player he could be. Now it is his turn to share that experience and knowledge with other young players that want to be the best they can be.

When my sons were becoming high school, college and pro athletes, I searched for coaches and camps that taught skills – physical, mental and emotional – not autograph camps with big name “instructors” that would show up occasionally.  I would send my sons to Eric Smith – he would help them get better as both a player and as a person… and have fun doing it.

Mark Miller, Former College Football Coach & NFL Quarterback


How the  Winning Edge Online Training Academy can be valuable to you…

My journey over the last 30 years has led me to a point now where I want to share my body of knowledge with developing Quarterbacks.  I’ve ‘distilled’ the my 30 years of knowledge and experience down to a teachable level that will allow you to become as good as you want to be.  I’m willing to provide the knowledge and instruction but you have to be a ‘learning based’ athlete who is willing to commit the time and effort.

By joining the Winning Edge Online QB Academy, you’ll find a never ending supply of quality content in the form of Instructional Videos on all aspects of Quarterback play including proper throwing mechanics, footwork, mental skills, film room sessions, physical development (strength, conditioning and nutrition), personal growth and important leadership training. In addition you’ll get information on how to put yourself in a position to win the recruiting process with college programs if that’s a goal of yours.

With your membership, your getting much more information than you would get at a typical 2 or 3 day camp.  In addition, you get far more than what you’d get from many private Quarterback coaches because it’s my mission to go beyond the physical aspects of the game.  You’ve got to transcend the physical and gain the mental and spiritual aspects that go into this position if you aspire to be a complete Quarterback… one who leads, inspires and impacts everyone around him. You'l 'be a quarterback' rather than merely being an athlete playing the quarterback position.

Think of your membership as intensive ‘virtual’ quarterback camp that is highly specialized for Quarterbacks.  Except you don’t have to leave home and the camp never ends!  The camp is always available for you to check in to and learn at your own pace.  A place you can always come back to – to revisit concepts, drills, and get more coaching.  It’a also a place that will change with you as I’ll always be adding new content geared toward your development as a Quarterback.

“As a parent and football coach I’ve worked with my son, Ty, since he was little. Its been a fun successful ride but eventually we found he needed the insight and expertise of a position coach. A coach that could inspire and teach. Eric’s QB knowledge, communication skills and passion for the game was a perfect fit. The mechanics and confidence learned gave Ty a competitive edge that directly translated to the field. Our football team went 13-0 this season, with Ty at QB and I feel our time spent with Eric made all the difference. Thanks coach Eric, look forward to working with you this spring.”

Bruce Farrell, Football Coach / Parent

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