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If you're serious about reaching your full potential as a quarterback then you'll need a LOT of coaching. You need coaching on how to execute the physical aspects like throwing and moving your feet AND you'll need 'KNOWLEDGE' because knowledge will give you power! 

If you can already throw and run great! But that's just a start... there are 'thousands' of kids who can do that. You need 'knowledge' to go along with it and that's what I can help you with. Check out just a few of the videos below then be sure to click over to to check out the 'ONLINE QB ACADEMY' where there are over 60 instructional videos covering ALL aspects of becoming a GREAT QUARTERBACK and Leader in Football and ultimately in LIFE!!

It's very affordable and you won't find a better value anywhere!!

Coach Smith

Mental Aspects of QB Plan

LOVE for Game and Teammates

To see this video click to link to Tom Brady's facebook page. Be sure to LIKE Tom Brady's facebook page for great content! 

The Quarterback's Toolbox

The Importance of the little things!

The Journey of a Quarterback!

Learn how Visualization 

Can give you an EDGE!

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