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Kyle Hockman Offensive System 

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What's Included

19 Videos with over 6 hours of 'Whiteboard' Teaching

When you watch these videos you will enjoy learning the system and football concepts from the ground up. Kyle is a masterful teacher who communicates in a very detailed and understandable way.

As he teaches his scheme, he teaches and demonstrates valuable techniques and theory that is critical for proper understanding and execution of his system.

Prepare to be amazed with the amount of offensive football knowledge that you will gain as you progress through the following videos....

1.  System Introduction and Overview

2.  General Philosophy

3.  Tempo & Formations

4.  Personnel Groupings

5.  Motions

6.  Master Playlist and Protections

7.  Pass Scheme Overview

8.  Run Schemes - Zone (tight, mid and outside zone), Gap (including power) & Trap

9.  Play Action Pass & Quick Game Protections

10. Sprint Out and Drop Back Protections

11. Pass Patterns

12. Drop Back Pass Scheme including - Bunch Concept / 3 & 4 Vertical Concept / Cross Concept

13. Quick Passing Game including tags

14. Play Action Pass Pattern Scheme

15. RPOs IN DEPTH including level 1, 2 and 3 reads so that you're able to stretch the entire defense

16. BONUS Videos - How to build a 'winning staff' & How to 'game-plan' upcoming opponent

**PDF's of the system are included**

formations, play list, personnel groupings, pass schemes

**includes hudl clips from games supporting the content being taught**

Inside The QB Room - Defensive IQ

13 Hours of Coach Hockman on the Chalkboard and in the Filmroom Teaching QBs and O-Coordinators how to understand defenses and attack them

Watch A Session Below

Understanding Full Field Reads

Bonus Library

1. Importance of Understanding Defense
2. How To Teach D-Line Gaps & Holes 
3. How To Teach D-Line Techniques
4. Teaching Levels of a Defense
5. Defensive Fronts, Core & Box
6. The Defensive Box ID
7. Understanding Alley Players
8. Understanding Seam Players
9. Coverage Recognition & High Safety ID
10. How To Count Pass Rushers
11. Coverage Rec - Variations of 2 High
12. Coverage Rec - Quarters Coverage

13. Coverage Rec - Qrtr Qrter Half (cover 6)

14. Cover 2 'Rock' & 'Roll'

15. Tampa 2 Coverage

16. Summary of 2 High Coverage

17. Coverage Rec - Variations of 1 High

18. Coverage IQ - Cover 0

19. Understanding 'Full Field Reads'

20. Full Field Read Film Clips & Lesson

21. Film Room - The Quick Passing Game

22. Film Room - The Play Action Passing Game


Who is Kyle Hockman?

33 Years of Coaching Experience

The son of Ohio Hall of Fame High School coach - Ken Hockman, Kyle grew up holding the bags for his dad's teams. After high school, Kyle played tight end for NC State and Bowling Green. Kyle's senior season he was named 1st Team All MAC after catching 79 passes for the Falcons. 

Kyle started his coaching career immediately as a tight ends coach at East Carolina University. From there he taught receivers for two seasons at West Virginia before moving on to becoming the offensive coordinator at D-II, Millersville University for 5 seasons.

In 1995, Kyle's offense at Millersville ranked 8th in the NCAA. In 1998, it achieved a #4 ranking. While at Millersville, Kyle coached a 4 time All PSAC quarterback Drew Folmer who signed as a free agent with the Dallas Cowboys (currently the offensive coordinator at Elon University). 

In 2003 Kyle took a teaching and defensive coordinator coaching job at Campbell HS in Georgia where he helped them make their first consecutive playoff appearance in 20 years. In 2006 Kyle was named the head coach. In 2008 he was named Cobb County, GA Coach of The Year.

In 2009, Kyle became the head coach at McEachern, GA. In his first year, he helped them restore their winning tradition by achieving a .500 record. This would be followed up by 3 consecutive 10 win seasons including progressing to the state play-offs in 2009, '10 and '11. In 2010 and 2011 his offense scored 453 points and 462 points respectively. Recently, McEachern has played in the Georgia State semi-finals twice. McEachern has also been the national high school feature game on ESPN twice. 

In 2019, Kyle took the head coaching job at New Hamptead, HS in Savannah so that he and his wife could move to their vacation home on Tybee Island.

Kyle has a fascination and passion for developing quarterbacks. The individuals who are instrumental in executing his offensive schemes. As of 2022, Kyle's last 9 consecutive quarterbacks have all earned scholarships to play at the college level including his own son, Bailey, played at Florida State, NC State and finished his career at Middle Tennessee. Kyle's most recent protege is Pauly Seeley who was named Savannah's most outstanding football player in 2022 and is now playing at Wofford University.

Kyle is a highly sought after speaker across the country. He is considered an innovator in the Pistol Spread Offensive Scheme having produced videos on the Pistol Spread for Coach's Choice.

Coach Hockman insists that his offensive scheme, because of it's 'multiplicity' and 'flexibility' has been and can be adapted to fit any level of football from youth to the NFL.

Now it's Kyle's time in life to give back what so many have given him. He is very open to being available to you with questions. He loves talking ball and adding value to others. We hope that you are as excited as we are about getting you started with The Kyle Hockman System!!

Your's in Success,

Eric Smith

Eric Smith

The Winning Edge Quarterback Academy

Former Div I Quarterback and HS Coach

Leadership Trainer and Partner with The John Maxwell TEAM


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