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Mobil QB Academy

Monthly Membership

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Welcome to my EXCLUSIVE QB Training App!!

This program is the culmination of a vision I've had for several years. As I've witnessed our younger generation's deep connection to their mobile devices, my desire to create this mobil training academy has accelerated.  Now it's here, and I couldn't be more excited about how this technology will help today's quarterback develop.

This training program is literally like having me in your pocket... whether you want to watch a lesson or do drills, I'm here, through modern technology, to train with you anywhere, anytime! Simply select the module and swipe left!  

Modules Include:


Drops, Play Action Mechanics, Throwing Mechanics, Pocket Mobility & more


Defensive IQ

Coverages, Terminology, Alignment, Schemes, Theory & Techniques 

Offensive IQ

Game Theory, Formations, Route Schemes, Protection Schemes


​QB Speed & Agility Training

QB Specific Footwork Drills & Techniques 

QB Strength Training

Arm, Shoulder & Core Strength, Warm Up and Care 

Leadership Development

Personal Growth, Leadership Theory & Executable Techniques

Mindset & Mental Performance

Focus, Awareness, Recovery From Adversity, Breathing, Visualization, Growth Mindsets & More!!



The content in this app is extensive. It will take months or years to master. Becoming a great quarterback is a monumental challenge. That's why this app is designed to be a long term solution to a long term challenge.. NOT a short term fix.








Because I want to get this in the hands of as many QBs as possible,

I am including these FREE exclusive offers


1. FREE Personal Coaching (Value $500/year)

Tor MAXIMIZE your growth using this app, it's best to receive coaching from me along the way! So while using this app, you'll have access to personal coaching and feedback from me each month.  Through the App, you can upload video to me so that I can give you coaching feedback. This is a HUGE advantage to your growth!! From your video, I can diagnose and correct mechanical flaws and direct you to the proper drills. 

2. FREE ACCESS To My Weekly QB Zoom Calls (Value - $597/year)

Join me bi-weekly, LIVE via Zoom. where we'll teach quarterback mechanics, drills, game theory, leadership and mindset strategies. We also bring in top experts from the quarterback development field so that you have all of the latest knowledge and inspiration to maximize your growth in becoming an elite quarterback

3. RISK FREE MEMBERSHIP100% Money Back Guarantee

After using the app and plugging into the training above, If you're not completely satisfied with the QB Academy App then I'll refund 100% of your investment!!

how to play quarterback
Click Here for overview of ALL modules as of June 2023
(more added regularly)
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Enjoy 2023 50% launch discount for length of membership!!

Purchase Options

Annual Subscription - $498

less limited time discount - 50%


($21/mo paid annually)

Team Bundles:

Two User Bundle - $349

Three Users - $449

Four Users - $549


Coach Smith

Reach out to Coach Smith at 919.414.1774 if you have any questions.

The enrollment link can be texted to you if needed once payment is verified


You Will Receive a 7 Day Free Trial. You may cancel at anytime.

Your subscription will close out the month after you cancel.


Cancellation is easy. You can do it yourself but you can always contact Coach Smith at 919.414.1774

or email: 

What Other's Are Saying...

“Eric Smith clearly understands the fundamentals of leadership and the quarterback position. Both of my boys had a very positive experience with Coach Smith and his Winning Edge Camp.”

Doug Musgrave, former Div-1 QB (Oregon Ducks)

"Corey Motes transition from his junior year to his senior year is one of the biggest success stories I've witnessed in my 18 years of coaching"

- Chris Morris, Head Coach, Dixon HS 

 "The coaching that I received from Coach Smith at his Winning Edge Academy was extremely influential in my success as a quarterback and team leader"

- Corey Motes, Quarterback

“I have to tell you that the skills and techniques that your coaching staff brought to the players here in Northern Nevada were a great reminder to us all as to the keys for success both in football and in life. The lessons on leadership and character were equally as important as the skills they learned for the grid iron in your two day camp. I have no doubt that every kid who attended your camp this year learned what it takes to not only become a better football player, but a better leader and teammate. The kids from McQueen High School will definitely be attending your camp again next year.”

Great Job!!

- Jim Snelling, Head Football Coach / Strength Coach, Robert McQueen High School

“As a parent and football coach I’ve worked with my son, Ty, since he was little. Its been a fun successful ride but eventually we found he needed the insight and expertise of a position coach. A coach that could inspire and teach. Eric’s QB knowledge, communication skills and passion for the game was a perfect fit. The mechanics and confidence learned gave Ty a competitive edge that directly translated to the field. Our football team went 13-0 this season, with Ty at QB and I feel our time spent with Eric made all the difference. Thanks coach Eric, look forward to working with you this spring.”

- Bruce Farrell, Football Coach / Parent

“Coach Smith has unbelievable knowledge about the game. He saw potential in me, and really gave all of his effort to improve my skill. He expects a lot, but will bring the best out of any player at any level. He helped me through my senior year and helped me get a college scholarship to a school in Iowa.
He cares about his players and demands a lot from them. In addition Coach Smith always made it fun even during the grueling practice times. I recommend working with Coach Smith or attending one of his camps if you want to see drastic improvement and reach your full potential”

- Gavin Graham, Shasta HS 2012

“Some of Coach Smith’s coaching points and knowledge over the last few years have aided me in elevating my game to the college level. I recommend Coach Smith to any athlete who is trying to advance their game and become an overall better football player.”

- Brock Barr, Receiver, Boise State University

“I have known Coach Smith for a long time now. He has always been very passionate about the game of football and is constantly helping young athletes by sharing his love for the sport.
Working with Coach Smith has been a blast. From the moment your cleats come on, your taught that every little detail in you game matters. I now find myself thinking more and emphasizing moves and steps that I didn’t know existed a year ago. Coach really gets the best out of his kids but also connects with them on a personal level. He’s very easy to talk to if you have questions or concerns. I would recommend Coach Smith to any athlete. From those who need basic building blocks to start their careers to kids who are knocking on the doors to college programs. You won’t be disappointed working with him!”

- Justin Abney, Shasta College All-League Receiver

“Eric Smith knows football and the details of Quarterback and Receiver play that would help any player improve his skills and get the most out of his God-given talent. I never coached a player that worked harder on and off the field than Eric Smith. From the weight room to the film room to the practice and game fields, Eric was all about improving and being the best player he could be. Now it is his turn to share that experience and knowledge with other young players that want to be the best they can be.
When my sons were becoming high school, college and pro athletes, I searched for coaches and camps that taught skills – physical, mental and emotional – not autograph camps with big name “instructors” that would show up occasionally. I would send my sons to Eric Smith – he would help them get better as both a player and as a person… and have fun doing it.”

- Mark Miller, Former College Football Coach and NFL Quarterback

“Coach Smith knows a lot about the game… he has been there and experienced it having played at a high level so he understands how players want to be taught. I used to play baseball as well as football and he’s helped me fine tune my release specific football which has helped my game.”

- Ryan Pollard, Shasta College Quarterback

“After coaching football at both the High School and College level for 27 years and witnessing the evolution of the quarterback position and its importance to developing a winning program I believe it’s critical for young aspiring Quarterbacks to get coaching from knowledgeable quarterback coaches. Even in the rare circumstances that a High School or College coach has specific knowledge of teaching proper quarterback mechanics they often don’t have the time required to develop a quarterback properly. I have spent time with Coach Smith and come to know him as a person of character who has a deep passion for sharing his knowledge and love for football and leadership with developing athletes.  He has not only helped a few of the kids on our roster but some of our assistant coaches and athletes also assist Coach Smith as staff members of his Winning Edge camps.  I would encourage any developing Quarterback or Receiver who is motivated to improve the finer points of their game to attend one of his Winning Edge Camps”

- Coach Bryon Hamilton, Offensive Coordinator / Head Coach, Shasta College Knights

“In my 33 years coaching high school football I have sent countless players to various camps in my time.  Some have been better than others but all have had some good concepts for kids to take home and thus improve their game.  My program’s quarterbacks and receivers just attend and completed our first ‘Winning Edge Skills’ camp this last week-end.  We are scheduled and pumped to go to your next Camp next year. You and your staff helped my players significantly.  I don’t know who got more out of it; my staff or my players!  I saw improvement throughout the day with each and every athlete.  I was so impressed with your team talk!  Your talk was higher level coaching which every player should have the opportunity to glean.  I am confident that my players left the field this week-end and were better at their collective positions, better understanding their positions, better equipped to improve as football players, but most important, they left the field this week-end better men!  Thank you for an exemplary job coaching my players.” 

- Coach Greg Grandell, West Valley High School Head Football Coach, Multiple Northern Section Football Champions, Second Winningest Coach In Northern California History

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