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Online QB Academy Membership

Individual $179
Limited Time Offer - One single payment for LIFETIME membership!!
Team $249
up to 5 QBs/Coaches in your program. Limited Offer - LIFETIME ACCESS!!

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Membership Benefits 


Complete instructional video series (over 80 videos) dedicated to developing yourself as a complete quarterback including proper footwork & drop step mechanics and very 'in depth' throwing mechanics. Videos are organized in a chronological sequence for layered learning.


To insure proper development, the academy not only includes several instructional videos but also 'drills for self-improvement' so the quarterback can practice the concepts learned in the videos at home!


"The Mental Is To The Physical As 2 is to 1"

Because learning the proper physical skills of the quarterback position are only half the equation, Coach Smith goes into the film room with a top college offensive coordinator to teach the all important 'Mental Aspects' of quarterback play. Here, you'll learn valuable offensive concepts while learning how to read and attack various defensive coverage schemes. Quarterbacks at all ages will benefit from this knowledge.  

You'll also go into the 'QB Room' with one of the countries top high school coaches - Coach Kyle Hockman to learn the same way he teaches his last 9 consecutive quarterbacks who all earned scholarships to play at the college level.

Leadership Training 

You CAN'T be an effective quarterback without being an effective leader!! Your success and the success of your team will only rise are high as the level of your leadership abilities. Since there is NO such thing as a 'born leader' you must develop yourself as one. 


Coach Smith is passionate about leadership. He has been a life-long student of leadership and is currently a founding partner and certified leadership speaker and trainer with The John Maxwell TEAM, the world's leading leadership organization. As a result, you'll be learning from the most respected leadership organization in the world!! You'll learn cutting edge leadership concepts and specific strategies that will allow you to be a great leader in football and in LIFE starting today!!


With the support of the The John Maxwell TEAM, Coach Smith has created a complete leadership curriculum so that you can grow into the best version of yourself and lead your team at a Championship Level !!! 


College Recruiting

Do you want to play sports past high school and position yourself to earn an athletic scholarship? Coach Smith is also a college recruiting expert. He is a certified speaker for Dynamite Sports, an organization that has spoke at over 6,000 high schools to millions of athletes, parents and coaches about how to succeed in in the college recruiting process. You'll learn everything you need to know about how to position yourself to WIN in this 'highly competitive' landscape.


You will also have valuable NCAA and NAIA resources and recruiting content available to help you and your parents navigate the college various academic and athletic requirements.

QB Conferencing with Zoom

Members will have the opportunity to connect with Coach Smith LIVE through Zoom Webinar conferencing. This will allow them to get personalized feedback and answers to questions or challenges that they may be experiencing.

A Mentoring Relationship with Coach Smith

No one succeeds alone and that is why Coach Smith created the QB Chat Room that allows you to create a profile and connect with other members as well as Coach Smith.  Imagine that, Quarterbacks and Parents being able to reach out to Coach Smith, a former NCAA Division-1 Quarterback, High School Coach, and current Leadership and College Recruiting expert. The ONLINE academy is a tremendous resource as you or your son go through the trials and tribulations of one of the most fantastic and challenging journeys in life...Being A Quarterback! 


Simply put, Coach Smith wants to be in relationship with you so that you're never alone!

"The only guarantee that tomorrow gets better is that you grow today"


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