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Redding, CA Camp – 2016 Date: June 8-9

Our camps are ‘skill development‘ camps. We focus on developing the proper fundamentals from the ground up… fundamentals that are critical for reaching your highest potential. We also back up all instructional content with drills for self improvement so you can progress after the camp. You can’t put on a great staff without great coaches. Most of our instructors have either played at and/or currently coach at the college level. We are passionate about helping you be the best player and the person you can be. Character counts and leadership is built on character so plan to be challenged in ways that transcend the football field while you’re at camp. If you’re serious about getting better and willing to commit to the work involved then Let The Journey Begin….it will be a FUN ride and I promise – well worth it!!

Yours in Success!

Coach Smith

Quarterback Skills Emphasized

  • Stance under center and shot gun

  • Voice

  • Eye Discipline

  • Drop Mechanics (from under center and shotgun)

  • Pocket Mobility

  • ‘Proper‘ Throwing Mechanics (upper body and lower body)

  • Throwing on the run

  • Quarterback Theory

  • Leadership Concepts including ‘How To Lead’ Content

  • Defensive Recognition

  • Drills for Self Improvement

  • Slow motion video analysis

Receiver Skills Emphasized

  • Stance

  • Release

  • Cutting In and Out of Breaks

  • Route Running Theory


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