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It's All In Your Mind!

Visualization in sports is something that developing athletes need to build skill around. If you're a developing Quarterback or any athlete wanting to elevate their game, watch this short video on how to visualize properly.

Visualization is something that I used to do when playing the quarterback position. I started doing it in high school football and I continued while playing college football.

I hope that you're getting excited about your off season quarterback training. Remember, everyone wants to be a great football player but not everyone wants to do what it takes to be a great football player.

This picture was printed on the wall of the weight room at a high school I used to coach at. I believe it to be 100% True!

"All Men Are Created Equal, Some Just Work Harder In The Off Season"

If you're in the North Carolina area please know that I have recently relocated to the Raleigh-Durham, Chapel Hill Triangle in NC. Get in touch with me to discuss off season quarterback or receiver training!

Whether you're a parent or athlete, if you have any questions about your journey you can always contact me through the website. I promise I'll answer your questions.

Yours in success!

Coach Smith

Eric Smith is a former NCAA Division-1 Quarterback and High School Football Coach. Eric is the owner and director of Winning Edge, an On-Line Quarterback Training Academy in Raleigh, North Carolina where he coaches and mentors aspiring quarterbacks. He also hosts Quarterback / Receiver Skill Development Camps.

As a certified leadership trainer with The John Maxwell TEAM, Eric is passionate about teaching leadership strategies to athletes and sports organizations throughout North Carolina. Coach Smith and Winning Edge also makes and annual west coast swing to Northern California in June.

In 2017, Coach Smith developed The Winning Edge Online Quarterback Training Academy. Visit the website to learn more about it or watch this video now!

To connect with Coach Smith visit or email him at follow on Twitter at @winningedgeqbr

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