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I'm 50!


I’M 50! It’s halftime now. My first half was amazing but I’m tired now. The game has beat up more than I anticipated…I definitely have some bumps and bruises. I competed hard in the first half but I'm humbled by the challenge that this game presents.

I threw a couple TD’s but also threw a couple of interceptions and fumbled the ball a couple times. Just poor decisions more than anything. Decisions that I have definitely learned from and will grow from.

Now I take a knee with my teammates and coaches to evaluate things…. to see what adjustments need to be made so we can all be better, individually and as a team. My team helps me understand how I can be better and I try to help them do the same. We find strength in one another so that we can move forward and continue to complete.

I’m learning to be less critical about what I did wrong in the first half and more critical about about what I can learn from what I did wrong. As I grow, it's become more and more important for me to be better not for me but for my team.

But how can I get better NOW so that I can help them? Although this game requires quick processing skills, maybe if I understand the game better it will slow down for me? I need to see the entire field better before I make a decisions on what to do with the ball. I need to learn to process information better! Maybe if I simplify the playbook and have fewer plays to choose from then I'll be able to execute the plays that I do have – better? That's it... I need to simplify the game plan!

It’s getting clearer now. I can feel a surge of energy now as I strap on my pads and walk down the tunnel into the 2nd half. I’m bloodied but not beaten yet. It feels like my pain is turning into purpose.

It's ok.. I've learned to embrace the pain. I've learned that it helps me get better and that allows me to help my team get better. Helping my team..

that's how I wish to be remembered. It gives me strength. It energizes me to complete some more!

Let's get after it in the 2nd half. Let's make it count!

YOU – my friends and family, are my teammates and coaches. Thank-you for being on my team!

I love you and appreciate you all.


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